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  • Carbon Fiber Fishing Outrigger

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Fishing OutriggerHeavy-duty carbon fiber outriggers are available in 15ft, 18ft, 20ft ect. Bases are bar-reinforced and fit virtually all popular pole holders ranging from 1 1/8'' ID to 1 7/8'' ID. Carbon fRead More2015-12-14

  • Portable Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole

    Contact NowPortable Carbon Fiber Telescopic PolePortable poles are shorter than 175cm when collapsed, very easy to put into a van. Many sizes are available, like 6ft, 10ft, 12ft, to 35ft. Other sizes are available.These carbon fiber telescopic poleRead More2016-03-28

  • Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Water Fed PoleLight and stiff carbon fiber poles are perfectly acting as water fed poles., no matter for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning or pressure washing.Sizes are from 10ft to 55ft.Read More2016-03-28

  • Carbon Fiber Boom Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Boom PoleMaterial: The boom pole is the crucial tool for a boom operator. In the hands, it should be an extension of the body, enabling precise and intuitive work. The heart of a boom pole is the tube. A perfect boom poRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Camera Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Camera PoleThe camera can be lifted higher effortlessly by the camera pole.You can choose a good angle to shoot video or photos. It can meet the needs of different shooting environment. Cooperating with jib equipment andRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Gutter Cleaning Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Gutter Cleaning PoleThe best things is the fact that you can clean your own gutters from the ground. No ladder is required and there is no need for water from your garden hose either.Lanbao's Carbon fiber Gutter pole is an advRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Modular Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Modular PoleThis kind of carbon fiber modular pole is very convenient for use. It's modular in design, so you can easily add or remove sections to suit your work height.The special connection method makes it lighter anRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Pruner Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Pruner PoleOur professional series carbon fiber poles are lightweight, extremely durable and available in several lengths from 6-18 feet. The wall thickness is 1.2" or more thicker according to your requirements.&nbsRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Push Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Push PolePush poles make sports fishing much easier by reducing the noise of motor and leaving more fish on the end of your line. Superior to aluminum push poles, fiberglass and carbon fiber are anti-corrosion, which heRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Telescopic PoleThese carbon fiber telescopic poles slide effortlessly and could be locked at any length, easy to use, easy to carry and easy to stock. They can be extended to maximum length in few minutes by pulling out and lRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber Window Cleaning Pole

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber Window Cleaning PoleWaterfed window cleaning poles are the tools through which the newly purified water is able to clean the windows. Those poles will allow you to reach high window from a safe place on the ground. Lanbao'Read More2015-12-14

Lanbao Sci & Tech Development Limited