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  • 3K Carbon Fiber Tube

    Contact Now3K Carbon Fiber TubeThese tubes are built with unidirectional carbon fiber tapes inside and covered with 3K fiber as surface finish to add more strength and make the tube more attractive. This type of construction offers high weigRead More2015-12-14

  • High Modulus Carbon Fiber Tube

    Contact NowHigh Modulus Carbon Fiber TubeHigh modulus carbon fiber tube is super stiff. A high modulus carbon fiber pole can reach 55ft with slight bending.There are two kinds of high modulus carbon fiber tubes available in our factory 55MIS and 63.3MRead More2015-12-14

  • Carbon Fiber And Fiberglass Mixed Tube

    Contact NowCarbon Fiber And Fiberglass Mixed TubeIn many cases, you may need a tube stiffer than fiber glass but cheaper than carbon fiber. Carbon fiber and fiber glass mixed tube is your best choice. This kind of tube can be designed on your requirements / aRead More2015-12-14

  • Tapered Carbon Fiber Tube

    Contact NowTapered Carbon Fiber TubeAs it is named, tapered carbon fiber tubes are tapered and really ideal for modular poles. This kind of tubes can be connected with each other tightly with out clamps.No stocked size available yet.Please tell uRead More2015-12-14

  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tube

    Contact NowUnidirectional Carbon Fiber TubeOur unidirectional carbon fiber tubes are roll wrapped with unidirectional carbon fiber straps on a steel mandrel. A high performance tube will be structured with many different directions layers of carbon fibeRead More2015-12-14

Lanbao Sci & Tech Development Limited