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fiber glass antenna mast
fiber glass antenna mast
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Lanbao Sci & Tech Development Limited is one of the leading China fiber glass antenna mast manufacturers and suppliers equipped with professional factory, welcome to buy low price fiber glass antenna mast made in China and wholesale cheap products from us.

Fiberglass is an ideal material to build up the antenna mast. First, fiberglass is non-conducting, and will not cause signal interference. Second, fiberglass is highly resistive to many common solvents and acids.


The roll-wrapped fiberglass antenna mast is very strong - well balance of strength and toughness. Good toughness reduces the possibility that the fiberglass antenna mast shock violently in the wind, helping to ensure the stable signal. Even in the strong wind, the fiberglass will bend, but will not break.


They are available in 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft etc. If you have a wanted size, we can specially design it for you.

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