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Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tube
Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Tube
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Lanbao Sci & Tech Development Limited is one of the leading China unidirectional carbon fiber tube manufacturers and suppliers equipped with professional factory, welcome to buy low price unidirectional carbon fiber tube made in China and wholesale cheap products from us.

Our unidirectional carbon fiber tubes are roll wrapped with unidirectional carbon fiber straps on a steel mandrel. A high performance tube will be structured with many different directions layers of carbon fiber to achieve stiffness, strength, etc.


Most of our tubes are designed for stiffness for high reach functions, like window cleaning.

All our carbon tubes are roll wrapped. These kind of tubes are made with precise dimensions, especially the inner diameter and outer diameter. Roll wrapped tubes can be made thin with high strength or high stiffness, really high weight to strength ratio.


Please contact us for the stock size or tell us what size you need. All sizes can be custom made.





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