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  • 15ft Water Fed Pole

    Contact Now15ft Water Fed Pole15ft water fed window cleaning pole is perfect for indoor cleaning and low rise cleaning.3 types are suggested, fiber glass pole, hybrid pole and carbon fiber pole. For this height, fiberglass pole is highly reRead More2015-12-14

  • 25ft Water Fed Pole

    Contact Now25ft Water Fed Pole25ft window cleaning pole is designed for two story building, which can reach 9 meter easily. This is really a good tool for the wives to cleaning the window or remove the spider web, or for the professional wiRead More2015-12-14

  • 35ft Water Fed Pole

    Contact Now35ft Water Fed Pole35ft carbon fiber water fed window cleaning poles are the stiff and light, only 2200g without brush. This pole is the closed at 175cm, and extended to 10.5m, can reach 40ft. All section can not be pulled apartRead More2015-12-14

  • 45ft Water Fed Pole

    Contact Now45ft Water Fed PoleThe 45ft pole is our high end professional water fed pole, This is constructed of 100% high quality carbon fiber makes the 45ft pole unbelievably rigid even at this incredible length.45ft pole is 45ft in 7 cyliRead More2015-12-14

  • 55ft Water Fed Pole

    Contact Now55ft Water Fed PoleIt is a better choice to use a carbon water fed pole cleaning your windows than with the help of a ladder. Much safer and more efficiently. We have fiberglass, carbon fiber and high modulus carbon fiber. TRead More2015-12-14

  • Water Fed Brush

    Contact NowWater Fed BrushName: 12” water fed brush Jet: Pencil jets, ID 2mm Weight: 322g Bristle type: 1) dual trim bristle 2) single trim bristle 3) flocked bristle 4) soft bristle 5) stiff bristle Bristle length: 5Read More2015-12-14

  • Water Fed Brush Kit

    Contact NowWater Fed Brush KitTwo kinds of water fed brush kits are available:BK15:30cm water fed brush (12”), dual trim bristlesangle adapter15m 8*6mm water hoseAllen key (optional)micro valvepush fit straight12mm to 8mm plastic hose adapRead More2015-12-14

  • Water Fed Pole End Cap

    Contact NowWater Fed Pole End CapIn order to protect the pole, a metal end cap is suggested. All sizes are available for all our tube sizes.The water fed pole end caps are made of alloy, glued onto the pole.Read More2015-12-14

  • Water Fed Pole Tip

    Contact NowWater Fed Pole TipThere are two kinds of threads- Euro thread for most of the window cleaning brushes and USA thread for the brooms, mops etc.These fittings are made of alloy with anodized surface.  Read More2015-12-14

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